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Dear Barry,
......Two years ago I brought home my beautiful deaf Boxer puppy Henry. He arrived with a copy of Hear Hear. This book very quickly became my bible. Thank you for writing such a brilliant book and for making what seemed an impossible task, possibl

and later......

......Henry and I are getting along really well, infact with your helpful advice, we have nearly cracked the down stay. We are both much more confident......Thankyou.

Henry and Mrs G, Bedford


Hi Barry
I've just finished reading your book 'Hear, Hear!' and wanted to let you know that I found it really helpful. It has given me some great tips on working with deaf dogs in future.

Ms C , Dog Behaviourist and Trainer


Dear Barry,
Thank you for taking the time and effort to write this book to assist us in giving deaf dogs the best available!

M. Prinsloo, S Africa

I have read your book twice and continue to refer to it. I am so happy to have it as my guide. Thanks for your time and for writing such a great book. You will never know how comforting to me it is to be receving first hand training advise from you.
Ms. J.L Virginia, USA
...the information and advice you have given has been of more help to me with my deaf dog than I could ever hope to tell you...
Lee Hughes, Lethal Whites (dogs born disabled as a result of a merle-to-merle mating)
Barry Eaton
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