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Is it due to lack of understanding on our part, or perhaps we don’t have the imagination or patience to train them?
Deaf Dog Training Guide - Hear Hear

Hear, Hear! - A Guide to Training the Deaf Dog

Hear Hear! goes through training a deaf dog step-by-step. It covers basic training that most pet dog owners require, including teaching the dog to sit, lay down, stand, walk nicely on a lead, stay, and to come back when ‘called’. It also covers important subjects like socialisation and suggests ways of overcoming some of the most common unwanted behaviour, like jumping up, barking and preventing your dog becoming destructive when left on its own. The moral issues of finding a home for a deaf dog are also discussed.

For details of how to purchase the book in the UK and around the world, please look at the book shop.

Book Reviews........

Dog World........ a must for all who are interested in basic training, whether the puppy is deaf or not. His expertise and enthusiasm are apparent in every page..

Dog Training Weekly........ If anyone has a deaf puppy this book will be of tremendous value

Our Dogs........ I think the author is to be commended for writing this book.

Professor Peter Neville........ What I hope is that every trainer in the world will read it.

Dog World........ The photographs which illustrate the gestures to be used are excellent.

Barry Eaton
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